VocWorks is a leading provider of field-based case management, vocational rehabilitation, wellness and supplemental services. We help employers develop healthy and effective return-to-work solutions that provide productive outcomes for their valuable employees.

Quality in our associates means quality to our customers. Thus, every VocWorks associate is selected based on qualifications, experience and knowledge. Our associates are fully qualified and credentialed, including: CRC, CCM, CDMS, CRRN and COHN.

On-site VocWorks case management often makes the difference between a successful return to work and long-term disability because we are able to ensure comprehensive, effective communication with all parties when telephonic intervention alone is not getting the job done.

We favor aggressive, individualized case strategies, not “cookbook” approaches, providing the lowest level of involvement necessary to achieve resolution for each unique claim.

VocWorks delivers one-stop convenience, providing a complete line of services for thousands of claims crossing all sectors of the economy for a vast array of occupations including workers’ compensation, auto claims and long-term and short-term disability.