2018 Performance Measurement and Management

Our Values: York CARES

  • Collaboration – Dramatically improve team engagement
  • Accountability – Retain every client
  • Results – Exceed our financial commitment
  • Excellence – Create a comprehensive, shared quality scorecard
  • Standards – Create and adhere to key standards – “The York Way”


  • Community Employment Services
  • Job Development and Employment Supports

Our goal is to provide the best product for our stakeholders and allow participants to reach their goals through individualized plans. We continually monitor outcomes and make changes needed to ensure continuous improvement. We provide initial training and ongoing training and opportunities for development of staff. This allows us to provide quality services to all our stakeholders.

We monitor Effectiveness, Efficiency, Satisfaction, and Access to Services. We collect data including RTW rate, Timeliness of Employment, Satisfaction of Clients and Referral and Funding Sources and Timely Access to Services. We review Effectiveness of Business Functions to ensure our overall product is meeting the needs of those served, our referral and funding sources, and personnel, and the company’s goals. We analyze this data to seek out opportunities for improvement.

Who is responsible for this process? All staff assists in gathering data and receives training from regional managers, Director of Rehab, and QA Manager on completion of tools. The Director of Rehab and QA Manager pull the data together and provide initial analysis and review for reliability, validity, completeness, and accuracy. The reports are then reviewed with the Management Team for further insight and recommendations. As appropriate the data is shared with stakeholders and personnel for further feedback. It is a continuous process.

Recommendations from 2017 analysis to work on in 2018 include attending all stakeholder meetings to ensure receiving feedback and keeping abreast of changes as well as monitor staff productivity, meeting financial goals, and ensure providing support/training to staff with change in process.