Modified Duty Off-Site

Reduce Workers' Compensation and Disability Costs

Modified Duty Off-Site (MDOS) is an innovative program offered to employers to reduce the cost and duration of lost-time incidences by assisting in returning their employees back to work following period of disability or injury. VocWorks works with area non-profit agencies to provide placements for employees with temporary restrictions that are unable to return to their original job. Each case is handled individually, with placements generally lasting no longer than 90 days. Studies have shown that the likelihood of an injured worker returning to work after six months is 50% and drops to 25% chance of returning to work after one year.

VocWorks will make it easy for you by:

  • Securing placement at a non-profit
  • Assisting employer with program documentation and a written job offer letter
  • Meeting employee/injured worker at the non-profit location on initial day of work to review program details
  • Performing ongoing telephonic follow up with injured worker and non-profit supervisor
  • Attending a Physician of Record (POR) follow-up appointment for full-duty release or update on restrictions

A program with YOU in Mind

VocWorks Modified Duty Off-Site can make the difference between a successful return to work and long term disability. We recognize that every employer is unique and has needs stemming from the nature of their company policies, employee population, company philosophy and union involvement. It is for this reason your program is customized to meet your specific needs.

Average time to secure modified duty placement is only 2 days

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