Case Management

Proactive Medical Case Management

Our case management services focus on effectively managing disabilities within nationally recognized disability benchmarks and protocols. Our goal is to safely reduce lost work days, effectively manage treatment to decrease claim costs and achieve successful return to work outcomes.

VocWorks’ case managers begin with medical triage of a claim and establish ongoing communication with the claimant, provider, employer and third party administrator. A case management plan is developed for each case and details the overall case goals, action plan and action plan timelines. The case management plan is updated on an ongoing basis and addresses return to work goals and case resolution.

  • Disability should be managed. The longer a person is off work, the more difficult it is to secure a return to work. Momentum builds to stay off work unless a case is actively managed.
  • Early, aggressive case management matters. The sooner aggressive case management begins, the less likely it is that missed opportunities will become long-term disabilities. There is a strong positive correlation between early field case management and early return to work.
  • Work is rehabilitative. Early return to work promotes health. Effective case management works to meet the needs of employers and build the health of injured workers.

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