Community Based Work Program

Community Based Work Program

Do you...

  • Have trouble finding qualified, reliable employees?
  • Have more work than help, but don't have room in the budget?

Let VocWorks’ Community Based Work Program help! VocWorks is looking for employers or associations interested in participating in our Community Based Work Program. Help us promote the employment of individuals with disabilities in the State of Ohio for appropriate positions and duties you have available.

  • VocWorks offers you the opportunity to provide experience to pre-screened, qualified individuals for volunteer positions within your organization on an ongoing basis.
  • If you are able to offer work tasks at your organization, we can provide one to four volunteers to complete those tasks under the supervision of a VocWorks Job Coach.
  • During this time, the individual will be paid wages and covered by workers’ compensation through the VocWorks’ program.
  • The goal of this program is to provide individuals entering or returning to the work force with experience to enhance their resume and identify potential job goals.
  • You’ll bear neither workers’ compensation liability, nor any payroll expense during the program. Volunteers will be expected to meet all expectations of your employees (as listed in your handbook) related to work behaviors.
  • Additionally, a VocWorks professional Job Coach will be onsite to assist in the training and/or supervision of individuals.
  • In essence, you will receive (a minimum of) two “employees” at no cost during the program.
  • If/when the potential employee successfully meets your expectations, you have the option of offering a permanent position but are in no way required to do so.
  • If you opt to hire, the VocWorks professional will be available for an additional 90 days to provide “Job Coaching,” continued support, training and supervision, if desired.

Additional Incentives
In addition to the incentives above, participating in this program also allows your organization to provide community outreach to individuals looking to make career changes due to a disability. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with you to assist in resolving your staffing needs. If you would like additional information on this partnership opportunity, please contact VocWorks’ Danielle Dresden, M.Ed., CRC, Senior Manager at 330.714.8884 or email

"VocWorks dedicates a coach to our property to oversee the individuals they bring in while we provide the work environment and job training facility as a way of offering skill development and experience to help further their employability."

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