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Internet Job Search Training

This individualized instruction teaches clients to utilize internet explorer and set up a professional email account, password management techniques, identifying and using secure web sites, appropriate online etiquette, use of search engines, social networks and professional networking sites as a job search tool, identifying and avoiding online job search scams, online “at home” employment opportunities, identifying corporate phone numbers online and developing methods of “cold calling” employers from internet information, applying for and documentation of online positions, employer follow up from an online application, obtaining, printing and forwarding email confirmation of online applications, posting resumes online, online pre-employment testing, using online networks to enhance job opportunities and attaching and sending resumes via email during the job search process. Instruction is tailored to the individual’s needs and is up to 12 hours maximum in duration.

Introduction to Computers, and Windows Microsoft Word

VocWorks provides basic computer training skills to clients beginning with familiarization of the computer, keyboard and the Windows operating program. Microsoft Word is also a focus teaching individuals in a one on one format to navigate and become proficient in Microsoft word including opening, navigating, creating, saving and closing a document. Creating, editing, and formatting text are also a focus of this training along with individualized instruction on designing page layouts, working with graphics, creating and formatting tables, refining document content, collaborating on, printing and converting documents. Instruction is tailored to the individual’s needs and is up to 12 hours maximum in duration.

*Specialized Instruction is also available in advanced Windows and Microsoft Word programs as well as Microsoft Excel, Power Point, Access and Outlook.