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Functional Job Analyses

Understanding functions of each position helps assess return to work options for workers with restrictions.

VocWorks uses the term Job Analysis to describe functional job descriptions. These analyses can assist employers in properly placing injured workers into job tasks that fit their doctor’s restrictions.

VocWorks has associates that have completed hundreds of Job Analyses over the past 20 years. These include individual analyses for injured workers and company-wide analyses for employers.

VocWorks Job Analysis Process

  • Our Job Analyses Professionals and Transitional Work Developers use standardized tools and equipment to assess the essential functions of each job.
  • This may include, but not be limited to, the following: calibrated scale, push/pull meter, measuring tape, calculator and other testing equipment as needed.
  • They conduct on-site analyses to identify work-specific essential functions of identified jobs, including material and non-material handling tolerances of each. The Transitional Work Developer helps ensure all documentation uses ADA terminology.
  • Interview individuals in both management as well as employees in each position.
  • Observe employees working in each position to create a task-by-task outline of each job.
  • Document all essential job functions, job task elements and what equipment/tools are utilized to complete each task.
  • Complete a summary of physical job demands for each task to determine all lift and carry demands, physical aptitudes, positions abilities and endurance.
  • Evaluate the essential functions of each job so employers can present job analyses to physicians to assess return to work and new hires.
  • Each Job Analysis time completion may vary but averages about one hour in length on-site and then another hour for document preparation and review.

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