Client Success Stories

Community Based Work Program

Individual success stories from VocWorks’ Community Based Work Program.

A Great Match of Job Skills & Work Environment
Greg was referred for community based assessment services to one of our assisted living sites. During the community based program, the employer was so impressed with his work abilities that he was recruited for a part time position as a maintenance and housekeeping position. Greg has been able to successfully transition to his role as an employee with the skills he developed and support he received from his VocWorks Vocational Specialist during his community based program.

Transitioning From Student to Successful Employee
James was an 18 year old student graduating from high school who wanted to find employment to gain more independence. He was working through a high school work program at a local restaurant. The employer was concerned about hiring James as a permanent employee as James lacked work speed and social skills to remain on the job. James came to the site for a work assessment to evaluate his current skills. James was referred to VocWorks for a Community Based Work Adjustment to help him improve work speed and social skills. After completing the work adjustment program, James was hired permanently at the restaurant as a dishwasher, working 25-30 hours per week.

Shy to Success at a Full Time Job
Dustin was referred to CBWA and was placed at an assisted living facility that is one of VocWorks Community Based work sites. His job was working in the Dietary Department. Initially, Dustin was timid and shy, however by the end of his first week he knew many of the residents names and many of the residents knew who this “kind young man” was. Everyone felt he did an excellent, above average job. The program lasted two weeks and by the end of the second week Dustin was offered a position as a Dietary Aide. The employer was so impressed with Dustin’s skill level and work ethic, they asked if he would like to be cross-trained as a cook. This meant a higher wage, more hours and more responsibility. Dustin was overcome with excitement and accepted the new role. Once a quiet person, Dustin is now the type to say hello, smile proudly and always work hard. Today, Dustin is working up to 30 hours per week.