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Transitional Work Development

A beneficial program to safely and quickly achieve return to work, improve morale and maintain productivity.

Return to Work Focus

VocWorks’ primary goal is ensuring workers recover from workplace and non-workplace injuries
and successfully return to work as quickly and as safely as possible.

A Transitional Work Program is a cost-effective approach to providing progressive, individualized return-to-work options for injured workers.

By providing injured workers with a transitional work option during recovery, you can maintain positive morale, reduce lost time and help realize direct indemnity cost savings. Transitional Work allows injured workers to remain productive at the workplace, under the direction of a therapist.

Design of a Transitional Work Program

  • A progressive, individualized return-to-work program focused on transitioning injured
    workers with temporary physical limitations back to their original jobs.
  • This program can allow employers to offer injured workers a productive work option –
    opposed to just light duty – that maintains positive morale for all employees.
  • VocWorks can help develop a company wide policy and procedures manual, meeting all of
    your company’s specific needs and job descriptions.
  • Quantitative and qualitative job analyses can be conducted to help medical providers and
    supervisors select work tasks injured workers can perform when injured. We also can work
    with labor/employee groups to ensure we are meeting all parties’ needs.
  • Transitional Work services are provided on an individual basis for each case, with a reduction in visits over time as injured workers progress. A formal written progress report can be provided.
  • Education for safe work practices.
  • Work re-adjustment/job modification.
  • Progressive conditioning and on-site work activity.
  • Transitional Work Developers are accredited by Ohio BWC for state funded employers.

Benefits of a Transitional Work Program

  • Transitional Work allows an injured worker with medical restrictions to work in their real job or a transitional job for a limited period of time.
  • Decrease the direct and indirect human resources costs by allowing injured workers to
    remain at work and progress to full duty in a timely fashion.
  • Lower workers’ compensation costs and improve your bottom line by decreasing the
    number of days of work for injured workers.
  • By returning injured workers to work as quickly and safely as possible, the potential for legal complications is lessened.
  • By experiencing minimal lost time, BWC claims reserves are reduced or prevented entirely.
    n We work with medical providers to educate them on the effectiveness and ease of use of
    this program and ensure employers are compliant with ADA issues.

Implementing Transitional Work

  • Your VocWorks Account Manager will serve as your central point of contact for your program.
  • VocWorks can assist in developing company wide policy and procedures, meeting all of your
    company’s specific needs and job descriptions.
  • VocWorks is Ohio’s largest network of vocational rehabilitation and Transitional Work

Contact VocWorks

To learn more about VocWorks Transitional Work
programs, please contact:

Danielle Dresden, M.Ed, CRC

VocWorks Senior Manager

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