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Our Vocational rehabilitation services are uniquely designed to help injured workers and claimants restore healthy, productive lifestyles through long-term, gainful employment. Our various vocational services include:

Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)
A series of tests and analyses of past accomplishments help determine what tasks a person may be able to perform. TSAs are the backbone of any vocational evaluation tool. Transferable skills encompass a person’s work history, education, training and experience. The level of transferability of a person’s skills to other jobs and work environments can be impacted by physical and/or psychological restrictions. The results of a TSA can indicate what type of jobs a person can perform after consideration of work restrictions.

Employability Assessments and Labor Market Surveys (LMS)
Employability Assessments are a useful tool when dealing with wage-loss issues and earning capacity issues, in addition to litigated situations. An employability assessment will, at a minimum, include a TSA and Labor Market Survey (LMS). A Vocational Specialist can complete a LMS of any specific geographical area. The specialist will take the probable jobs a person can perform as indicated by the results of the TSA, indicating how many of those jobs are available in a given geographic area, associated wages and any other statistical information requested. The TSA and LMS are useful tools when the Vocational Specialist is prohibited from meeting with the injured worker.

Vocational Screenings and Evaluations
Vocational Screenings and Evaluations are performance-based measurements that correlate medical findings and physical functioning ability related to vocational potential. They both involve a TSA, a clinical interview with the injured worker and vocational testing. Vocational Screenings and Vocational Evaluations are best used when considering short-term and long-term retraining or aptitudes. A Vocational Screening is typically used when considering retraining options with unskilled and low-end, semi-skilled workers. A Vocational Evaluation is typically used when considering retraining options with high-end, semi-skilled workers and skilled workers.

Job Seeking Skills Training (JSST) & Job Placement Programs
These services are designed to help job seekers develop job search skills while getting professional assistance and guidance in finding new employment. It is recommended that all clients who will be entering a job search take our intensive JSST/Job Placement program which covers:

  • Identifying employment objectives and needs.
  • Resume development and job application instruction.
  • Interviewing skills, including appropriate grooming and hygiene.
  • Education in employer correspondence (ie., thank you letters).
  • Instruction on how and where to find a job.
  • Training on post-interview follow-up.
  • Job retention skills.

Job Placement Program
A structured job search provides daily assistance and guidance from a Job Placement Specialist. The specialist networks on the claimant’s behalf in their local community. Placement programs involve:

  • Assessment of job seeker’s vocational goals.
  • Daily contact with the job seeker and employers to monitor job search efforts.
  • Job seeker will be expected to have a weekly job search plan.
  • Assistance with employer correspondence (ie., writing cover letter and thank you letter).
  • Marketing job seeker to local employers and supplying job leads.
  • Internet access to employment Web sites.
  • Use of job search resource information.
  • Setting up On-The-Job-Training (if necessary) with employer.
  • Ongoing training including mock interviews, etc.
  • Link up with the local Department of Job and Family Services.
  • Documentation of program participation in progress notes.

Permanent Total Disability (PTD) Vocational Assessment
A PTD Vocational Assessment is an essential tool in defending a Permanent Total Disability (PTD) claim. A VocWorks Specialist will complete an in-depth medical history claim review, a TSA and a LMS to provide an expert vocational opinion regarding the claimant’s employability. A Vocational Evaluation may also be done in conjunction with a Vocational Assessment if the claimant’s attorney grants an in-person evaluation with the vocational specialist.